Tegwaan Rapid

Tegwaan is your first rapid after Campbells Portage and is only 40m downstream. If you portage Hole-In-The-Wall you will miss out Tegwaan.

Your best line is the easy sneak down the centre which is open except in low conditions or when debris gets washed into the entrance.

The left line is the main channel and is a tight bend to the right. You need to hug the inside to avoid contact with a small cliff face on the outside, as well as to avoid some messy water going over small drops and coming back off the cliff. Hug the inside as you drop into this channel and watch out for low branches. 

We recommended avoiding the sneak on the extreme right as it ends in a rocky drop, however feedback from some paddlers who used it said it was OK. See pick below and decide for yourself!

tekwaan aerial

tegwaan approach900

tegwaan01 900

tegwaan02 900

tegwaan03 900

tegwaan exit right

Video: Main line at medium level {youtube}kQThwj6E68c{/youtube}