Finger Neck Rapid

Finger Neck Rapid is directly after the Finger Neck Portage take-out. Most paddlers will only attempt this rapid on the 50-Miler when the portage is not allowed. On all other races it cuts out a long section of the river.

Finger Neck consists of one drop on a bend in the river to the right. At the base of the drop is a large hole, which is not only challenging is itself, but is also the home of a large rock, quite capable of eating the nose off your boat. Considering you are barely 2km into the race at this stage, we recommend the sneak on the right as a good alternative, on anything but a very low river level.

Avoid approaching the sneak from too close to the bank as this could result in you either getting stuck in the rocks on the right or dropping into the main channel at right angles and ending up in the hole that you are trying to avoid. If in doubt approach the sneak more from river-centre and read the water flow. This will also line you up better, exiting the rapid facing downstream.

The "racing line" is down the main channel keeping extreme left to avoid the troll.

finger neck01

finger neck03
finger afinger b
Medium Low River Level