Ernie Pearce Weir

ernie aerial02

Ernie Pearce Weir is 1000m from the start of the Dusi Canoe Marathon. A "fish chute" is conveniently located in the centre of the weir and which makes it safe for paddlers to shoot. The "high side" is not an option at any water level. Due to Ernie Pearce's close proximity to the start of most races there is usually a queue to get down the chute. Be patient and wait your turn. Queue jumpers are not tolerated and may legitimately be pushed over the high side.

This is not considered a dangerous weir and although there are usually a lot of swimmers, the odds of breaking your boat are slim.

Key to Success:

  • Stay upright through the stopper.
  • Avoid pegging into the banks, especially the left.

What to Remember:

  • Line up straight between the pillars at the top
  • Aim slightly right of centre going down.
  • Front paddler - reach over the stopper wave as you are going to go deep. 
  • Get ready to steer away from the vegetation especially on the left




Medium Water Level 

High Water Level