Mission Rapid

Mission is not a difficult rapid, but paddlers get themselves into unnecessary trouble by choosing bad lines or getting flustered by the crowds and hype. Mission follows soon after The Maze and it has two distinct parts to it.

  • The Top Section - characterised by a couple of drops and a fairly gentle gradient.
  • The Bottom Section - made up of a small rocky island with channels going left and right.

Your land-mark for Mission is the bridge directly before it. After passing under the bridge, the river curves to the right and then bends to the left before you enter the top section.

In high water there is a narrow sneak, off to the left, that takes you back into the main stream and avoiding the top ledges. See Mission Videos.


- Golden rule is keep LEFT, however enter from the extreme right facing left. Here there is a smooth tongue and you will be facing the right way.  

- The first drop looks intimidating, but it is quite gentle. Paddle confidently.

- The second drop has a large boulder on the left, hidden from upstream, but is easy to miss if you anticipate it.

mission top


mission13 1






mission stopper1

mission stopper2


After the top ledges you approach the steep, rocky bottom section and the best option is left of the small island. There is no good reason to go right of the island so avoid this choice. Your best approach here is to keep extreme left until it is no longer possible, then follow the main course of the water down the narrow channel. Steering once in the chute is not very effective so concentrate on a good approach and use your paddles to assit your direction. There is only room for one boat at a time so keep a good following distance. At the exit point there is a tendancy for the water to push your nose left onto the sloping rock. Anticipate this to avoid getting stuck or spinning out. 

mission lower_quad1

mission lower_chute

keep right_800

Link to Mission Videos here