Lowveld Croc Canoe Marathon 

The Lowveld Croc is a unique race for K1's only, held on the Crocodile River near Nelspruit, Mpumulanga. The start is directly below the Kwena Dam and covers the section down to Montose Falls in various formats depending on the year. The race is A+ river rated due to the tight, technical nature of the rapids as well as the skill required to identify and avoid tree hazards!

This article is aimed mainly at newcomers to the race to give them a taste of what to expect and an introduction into the nature of the river. There are simply too many rapids to try to learn all the lines and good river reading and navigation skills are essential.

Good clean water is guaranteed from the Kwena Dam just above the start. It is advisable to dress warmer than you would normally as the water is cold and you will be wet most of the way. 

We have included video links for Rapid #14 and Rapid #13 at the end of this article and there is more info on the Lowveld Croc website.

The River 

Every paddler starts in a dignified elapsed-time format due to the narrow nature of the river. Make it through the gauging weir (below), less than 20m into the race, and you are set up for a great day on a great river!

croc start1 croc start2

Gundu Weir - 1,5km (below)

gundu01 gundu2

Pipe Bridge 6,8km (below)

pipe bridge1 pipe bridge2

Sterkdoorn Weir 10.5km

sterkdoorn weir1 sterkdoorn weir2

Typical Rapids




Lots of trees and branches!

tree swim1 trees01

Rapid #14 video

Rapid #13 video

Lowveld Croc 2014 Footage

Below is an excellent compilation of Day-1 highlights, with guidelines. Compliments and thanks to Erik Dixon.