Yellow Cliffs Rapid

Yellow Cliffs Rapid is 28km from Josephine's.

The inside left of this rapid is rocky so suppress your natural inclination to cut the corner. However, if you follow the main flow down the centre, towards the lower end you are going to go through three holes in succession, and at high river levels these get pretty big. Therefore, start in the centre and then get extreme left as you exit the rapid, avoiding the pour overs at a low level and the holes at a higher level, at the bottom of the rapid.

By the way, when approaching this rapid, don’t expect yellow cliffs! The cliffs are the same colour as all the other cliffs in the gorge. However, the cliffs looming above Yellow Cliffs Rapid are much bigger than the cliffs above a similar left-turn, nameless rapid, just before Arthur’s.

Yellow Cliffs is on the next bend directly after Arthur’s Rapid.

Video at 1.5m