Fast Facts - The Maze

River: Dusi
Access: Foot path 500m
Races on this section:
  • Campbells to Dusi Bridge
  • Dusi Canoe Marathon
  • Non-Stop Dusi

The Maze Rapid

"The Maze" does not have to be as chaotic as many paddlers find it. Knowing a few key landmarks will help you choose the best line. You will reach "The Maze" 4km after the Guinea Fowl portage put-in. There is an island that separates The Maze into two main channels.

maze quad_2013b

The Maze has been scoured by flooding recently, washing away a lot of the vegetation and subsequently opening it up more, especially right of the island.

Key Landmarks: The big tree on the island and the prominant boulders on your right. 

Your best option is still to go LEFT of the island (blue line above). There is however a "racing line", right of the island but if you get it wrong, it is likely you will have to get out (green line above). 

maze approach_2

maze approach

maze r_01


Get your bearings on the large tree just after the island split. Keep the tree on your right and you will be on the correct side of the island.

Simply three things to remember for the left channel (right - left - right)

1. Keep RIGHT opposite the tree through the small drop.

2. Head immediately LEFT to avoid a shallow rock shelf.

3. Tuck in hard RIGHT after the shelf to get back to the right side.

In high water levels simply keep right all the way down.


If you want to give the right channel a go, there is basically one thing to be aware of: Keep as close to the island as you can where the river spilts. I.e. hug the inside line. Get it right and it is quick and easy. Get it wrong and it is rocky and shallow. 

maze r_02

maze r_03

The Maze (LEFT Channel) - Medium-Low Level

The Maze (RIGHT hand channel) - Medium Low Level