Finger Neck Arrestor Bed

The Arrestor Bed is another dogs-leg type bend, 400m after the Finger Neck Portage put-in (not to be confused with the similar bend before Finger Neck).

Sand mining operations in late 2020 changed this rapid significantly and now half the flow of water goes down a new channel on the extreme right, creating an exciting chute that skirts the traditional rocky boulder garden. The chute is straight with some bigger boulders on the right, so once you are in this channel keep left of centre.

The traditional line down the left of the Arrestor Bed has a flatter gradient than the new right channel and is still an option in medium/high levels. It is a more conservative approach but will still require a hard right turn in shallow, rocky water. Approach this line by hugging the bank on the left.

The old centre line is no longer a good option, so rather go extreme left or right.

Video: Right hand channel at medium level