Dusi Day-1 Distances

   Start:   Camps Drift  Directions to start   
   Finish:  Duzi Bridge  Directions to finish 
   Distance: +/- 42km      
Total Distance  Features on this Route   River Section   Dist. from previous
0 km The Start: Camps Drift   Duzi River   0 km
1 km Ernie Pearce Weir   Duzi River   1 km
3 km Commercial Rd Weir   Duzi River   2 km
6 km Musson's Weir   Duzi River   3 km
6.5 km Highway Rapid   Duzi River   0.5 km
7 km Low Level Bridge   Duzi River   0.5 km
8 km Taxi Rapid   Duzi River   1 km
10 km Sewage Farm take-out   Optional Portage   2 km
11 km Campbells Braai Place take-out   Portage 3.5km   1 km
13 km Campbells Pine Tree take-out   Portage 3.8 km   2 km
17 km Tegwaan Rapid   Duzi River   4 km
17 km Hole-in-the-wall portage   Optional 1km   0 km
22 km Guinea Fowl take-out   Portage 4.0km   5 km
30 km The Maze Rapid   Duzi River   8 km
31 km Mission Rapid   Duzi River   1 km 
33 km Finger Neck Portage   Portage 0.5km   2 km
36 km The Arrestor Bed   Duzi River   3 km
37 km Cabbage Tree take-out   Optional Portage   1 km
42 km Finish: Duzi Bridge   Duzi River   3.5km