The Cascades

The section called The Cascades, and sometimes referred to as Jaws, is in between Washing Machine and The Slide. The gradient increases here and with it the pace of the river, so decisive paddling is required. When the water is low to medium there are some prominent rocks to avoid and in high water a series of waves to punch through. Either way your best option is down the left, but make sure your nose is pointing downstream to avoid any side impacts on partially submerged rocks.

cascades aerial_ML2012

How do you know where you are? Look for a very prominent Gum Tree on the left bank with a distinct branch hanging over the river.

cascades ML_01

cascades ML_02

cascades ML_03

cascades ML_04

At the end of the Cascades is a short steep drop that is hard to read until you are committed. In medium low conditions go fo the centre of this drop. In high conditions you can go here or down a channel just left of the main drop.

cascades ML_lastdrop

Next up The Slide, 200m downstream.