Burma Road Portage

This famous portage is no longer allowed on the Dusi Canoe Marathon, but may be allowed on the Non-stop Dusi.


Burma is approximately 4km long and the height gain is close to 750 feet. (Ngumeni Portage is a 290f height gain to put things in perspective!). The take-out is just before the Little John bridge on river left. The route up is on a path that starts off gently and ends in a very steep climb. The route down is mostly on roads that weave and wind down through a residential area.

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Navigating the route: Due to the complexity of this route there are only 2 options if you don't know where you are going: Option 1 - Go and scout the route before the race with someone who can show you where to go. Option 2 - Follow someone on race day who does know where they are going. If you try to find your way over this mountain without any idea, you are guaranteed to get lost. Also, the route down changes slightly every year as there is on going construction and development, so if it been 10 years since you last went over Burma, then its a good idea to do a refresher.


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