Fast Facts - Tops
River: Umgeni
Access: Good road
Races on this section:
     Inanda to Durban
     50 Miler
     Dusi Canoe Marathon
     Non-Stop Dusi

Tops Needle & Rapid Portage

Tops Needle Rapid begins immediately after the Dam Wall Portage. It is not as hazardous as it was before the 2022 floods, but still commands respect as it is long and boulder strewn. Decisive paddling is required to hold your line and bobbing down is not going to end well as a swim here is likey to end in boat damage.

The best option is to pick your way down the right-hand side and avoid getting drawn back into the centre where it is messy.


Portaging Tops

As you are already out of your boat when you get to Tops, portaging here is not a bad alternative. Cross the bridge above Tops and run 300m down the road and put in on the right bank.