Fast Facts - Grave Yard
River: Umgeni
Access: Good road/Path 50m
Races on this section:
     50 Miler
     Inanda to Durban
     Dusi Canoe Marathon
     Non-Stop Dusi

Graveyard Rapids

These rapids are not difficult on the correct lines, but paddlers run into trouble here because the rapid is long (500m) and mistakes can compound quickly. Also, the best lines are not too obvious without some prior knowledge or above average river-reading skills. A swim here can easily result in a wrapped boat as the current is strong and the river is littered with boulders. Fortunately, if you have no idea where to go, staying left will keep you out of trouble at most levels in the tricker sections.

Getting your bearings is important as there are three sections to be aware of with the third being the most challenging. See the panoramic view above to get orientated. The bridge after Little John is an indication that you are approaching Graveyard and a tree with bright red flowers on the left bank marks the end!

Section 1

Once you have passed under the bridge after Little John you soon come across a section respesenting a small boulder garden. Approach confidently from right heading left and you should find a fairly direct line through. No big drops to worry about.

Section 2

The river flattens briefly and there is another small rapid which is not too challenging. In high water go anywhere. In low water start centre and navigate to exit left.

Section 3

This is the more challenging section. The river then narrows significantly and you are into the final 300m of Graveyard. If you have not checked out this rapid for the fastest line then keeping left is you best option in both low and high water. In high water the flow rate is quick so think fast and maintain good boat speed for steering. In low water you have more time but still have to steer effectively. 

Do not fear, the name graveyard doesn't come from the number of destroyed boats but the large graveyard (visible on Google Earth) on the hill to the left above the rapid, as you approach Molweni Causeway. 


These guys above have ended up too far right and got stuck. Keeping left will avoid this.

Medium Level

Low Level {youtube}sTIjQ5JqtTA{/youtube}