Dusi Marathon Day-2


 Dusi Distances Day-2

   Start:   Dusi Bridge   Directions to start   
   Finish:  Inanda Dam   Directions to finish 
   Distance: 43 km      
Approx. dist.  Features on this Route     River Section   Dist. from previous
 0 km Start: Second Saddle   Duzi River   0 km
 2 km Confluence   Duzi/Umgeni    2 km
 3.5 km Washing Machine   Umgeni River   1.5km
 4.5 km Cascades   Umgeni River   1 km
 5 km The Slide   Umgeni River    1 km
 5 km Ibis Point Portage   Compulsory portage   0 km
 6 km Gauging Weir   Umgeni River    1 km
 7 km Marianny Foley Causeway   Umgeni River    1 km 
 11 km Ngumeni Portage   Compulsory portage   3.5 km
 13 km Gum Tree Rapid   Umgeni River    2.5 km
 13 km Tombi Rapid   Umgeni River    0.3 km 
 15 km Hippo Rocks   Umgeni River    1.0 km
 17 km Mfula Store Bridge   Umgeni River   2 km 
 18 km Marriots   Umgeni River   1 km 
 20 km Big Bend Rapid   Umgeni River   2 km 
 23 km Mbetjies Store   Umgeni River   3 km 
 26 km Inanda Dam Bridge   Inanda Dam   3 km 
 36 km FINISH: Inanda Dam   Inanda Dam   10 km