Map for Umpetha Challenge Coarse
Camps Drift to Bishopstowe Hall

StartCamps Drift    Get directions

FinishBishopstowe Hall  Get directions

Distance: 20 km





Rapids & Weirs Ernie Pearce Weir    3 km from start  
(approximate) Commercial Road Weir    2km later  
  Mussons Weir Rapid    3km later  
  Highway Rapid    0.5km later  
  Low Level Bridge    0.5km later  
  Taxi Weir Rapid    1km later  
  Campbells (Braai Place take-out)    1.6km later 
  Campbells (Pine Tree take-out)    1.4km later (sometimes allowed)  
Portages distances Braai Place to finish    3.6 km   
  Pine Tree to finish    2.1 km