Campbells Portage

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There are two take-out options for Campbells namely "Braai Place" and "Pine Tree".

The first is Braai Place and the total distance from this take-out to the put-in is less than from the Pine Tree take out. Pine Tree involves paddling further downstream which means you will cover more total distance (paddle+portage), however it also means less time on your feet as the portage component is shorter. Speed wise? This will depend on your running vs paddling strenghts. Both routes merge shortly after Bishopstowe Hall.


Braai Place  4,68km portage only/ 4.68km total incl. paddle

Pine Tree     3,49km portage only/ 4,82km total incl. paddle

Compare "climb" and "gradients" for both options in the images below.

Below is the first Braai Place take-out if you don't portage Sewage Farm. Space is limited so go 30m downstream to the next one if you have to.

braai place_take_out

Below is a fly-through of the Pine Tree Portage option.

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