Mussons Weir

Mussons is a naturally formed rapid that is easy to shoot on the correct line, however it does become more challenging when the grass and reeds are overgrown and constrict the narrow channels. DUCT and the local clubs do amazing work here clearing alien vegetation and obstructions, making the rapid much safer and more attractive.

Mussons can be shot down the left, centre or right channels.

Approaching Musson’s resembles a maze of options and the biggest challenge is finding the entrance to the correct one rather than the rapid itself.

The vegetation in the approach changes all the time so it is advisable to get down there before the race and refresh your line.

Left Channel

This channel is wide and where the main body of water flows. It is a good option to know in case the more popular centre-line is blocked or congested with boat traffic. The drop in the left-channel is steeper but on the right line it is not difficult. It is however the slowest option as you have to fight the large eddy below the rapid in order to get back into main stream. If you choose the left channel approach from the left bank aiming right to exit towards the centre of this channel where the main flow is concentrated.


Centre Channel

This is the most popular and easiest channel even though it is narrow. The channel is actually right of centre so make sure of your bearings. The water in this channel tends to keep you in the channel, so work with it and allow the water to bring you back on line when nessary. Maintain a medium pace coming in and steer to avoid pegging your nose into the protruding clump grass. There is a two stepped drop at the end over some rocks into deep water.

Right Channel

This is possibly the fastest, cleanest channel but not for the faint hearted! The line is very tight and if you get it wrong there is not much chance of recovery. You will waste plenty of time having to get out the boat in tricky conditions. There is only one drop and it appears just after a blind corner and a small lateral pour-over. 

The challenge here is to know and anticipate your line before you see it, as there is little time to work it out when you get there. The trick here is to hug the left bend... 


 and steer left onto the pour over...


 which will wash your boat sideways into the slot...



which effectively lines you up perfectly for the steep drop into a deep pool.


Portage Option

Take out on the right bank just above the rapid and follow the short path to the pool below. Get in as early as possible as the bank gets steeper further downstream.


Right Hand Channel - Medium Level 

Centre Channel - Medium Level

Right Hand Channel - HIGH Level