Fast Facts - Molweni
River: Umgeni
Access: Tar road/Path 30m
Races on this section:
     50 Miler
     Inanda to Durban
     Dusi Canoe Marathon
     Non-Stop Dusi

Molweni Rapid

Molweni Rapid starts immediately after the Molweni Causeway which is a COMPULSORY PORTAGE.

This is a bony and tricky rapid so a good option, seeing as you are already out the boat, is to continue down the left bank and put in after the rapid. If you are in a hurry or the "we shoot everything" type, then put in directly after the causeway. The causeway may be portaged on the left or right bank.

molweni intro1

There are many islands and thousands of similar rocks in this rapid, so getting your bearings here is not easy. This is further compounded by slight changes in water levels and vegetation growth that makes it all look different as well.

A good line however is to head for the centre channel. Start left and make your way right quite soon. Then stay far right all the way down. Be careful not to turn out of the centre channel whilst keeping right as this will leave you high and dry. Too far left and a mistake will be costly as it is very tight. This line is very difficult to describe so please watch the video. If you get it right, you can get through with just the odd bump and scrape, even in fairly low water levels. Be warned however that many boats have come to grief here!

Low level 

Medium level